Friday, January 29, 2010

Western Michigan Startup Weekend!

Do you know what a Startup Weekend is?  Here's a link to answer some of your questions.  Basically it is weekend project where a group of people try to take a idea from initial idea to launch in 54 hours!

I must admit - I hadn't heard about this very cool idea until today.  I was over at the Manning Publications website and noticed that they were selling advance edition copies of some books.  One that caught my attention was a title called "Websites with Wordpress" by Alicia Weller.  It turns out that they had the first chapter as a free download, so I downloaded it.

I've used WordPress to setup a couple of friend websites, it seemed to fit the bill and I'm all about using the best tool for the job, especially if it means I get to work smart and not hard.

The author mentions WordPress being used as the website tool of choice for two ideas that came out of a Startup Weekend that she attending in North Carolina.  Well - a couple web clicks later, I found out what a Startup Weekend was and that there was one coming to Michigan in February. 

I couldn't keep this good news to myself could I?  Nope, so I'm posting here... of course.

If you're interested in going to the Western Michigan Startup Weekend, or if you'd like to possible look to have one closer to the Ann Arbor area, let me know and let's see what we can do...

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