Saturday, January 23, 2010

One of many reasons why I love ColdFusion

I started delivering ColdFusion web applications back around version 5.  I've always been extremely impressed at how much effort has been put in to this product from it's development team.  They have added such great features and since the language itself is built on top of a Java base, it's very easy to create new, exciting applications in ColdFusion using built in features such as when they added SMS functionality in CF MX 7 or extend the capabilities by using existing Java classes easily with CF code.

Here is an excellent example of how simple it can be to extend functionality using other Java classes within your ColdFusion application.

Don't get me wrong, I've also coded classic ASP, PHP 4/5, and .NET applications as well, I just haven't found anything that is as easy to use as ColdFusion.

What I don't think that people understand is that the Adobe Development team has worked so hard at coming up with something that is really great, that even PHP, Java or .NET developers can leverage some of the great built in features from CF Server.  There are services that can be exposed and used from other languages (mentioned above) or platforms like Flash / Flex / AIR.

It has been and will continue to be an exciting time to be involved with ColdFusion and I'm looking forward to checking out what ColdFusion 9 has to offer, I've just loaded the free developer edition on my laptop.

You can also get the new IDE - ColdFusion Builder from Adobe Labs.

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