Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tuning the Wi-Fi

Mark Cuban had a post about the iPad and a way for youngsters to make some cash.  I would usually agree with him on most things, however on both of these topics I'm going to disagree.  First on the iPad being the biggest thing ever, I don't believe that this tablet will have anything new that will make people run out and buy it.  As well, since all content will be sold through the Apple Store, I think it will be the normal niche market that Apple has today.  Will it do well?  Sure... it's an Apple product.  Will everyone in the world own one?  No, just like everyone in the world does not have an iPod.

The second part focused on the youth of today and the future offering a service to fine tune neighbors wi-fi connections for a modest fee so that all of the wireless enabled devices that are about to take over our homes will work and work well.  It's a great idea - but I think you need to trust your source when doing this kind of work.  Would I let the kid down the block tune my new vehicle because it's computer enabled?  Probably not.

It did give me an idea to offer something like this at the local library or community college though so that people can learn how to secure their networks and fine tune their home's wi-fi.

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