Monday, January 04, 2010

Getting organized with Lightroom 3 Beta

I downloaded Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta today and I'm checking it out this evening.  The first thing I noticed was how nice the interface is laid out. 

Of course upon install and launch a nice brief tutorial screen walked me through what I can accomplish with the application.  Once done, it searched my hard drive and imported in all my pictures.

The bottom of the screen has a nice horizontal scroll bar for easy thumbnail viewing of my entire collection.  Double click on a photo to select it and once you do that you have a variety of options that will allow you to categorize your photos using keywords or edit your photos with Quick Develop options; White Balance and Tone Control.  It took no time for me to tweak a few settings to have a photo looking very nice and add in keywords so that I'll be able to reference this photo in future searches and find it easily.

 The Library Module, which is the default module when the application is loaded allows you to do what was explained above.  When clicking on the Develop module, you'll move into a world where an amazing variety of tools are laid out to let you edit your photo. Options to change exposure, lighting, detail, lens corrections, add effects, the options seem endless at first glance. 

I can tell that this is going to be an application that I'm going to enjoy spending a bit of time with... I'll take a deeper look at the Develop screen and move on to the other modules tomorrow, which focus on how to share and publish your work.

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