Sunday, January 24, 2010

Facebook: A Memory Wall

Yesterday I logged into Facebook, something I do a couple times a day, and I noticed that a friend had posted a status that said today was a "sad day, but lots of good memories".  When I see a status like this I always hope for the best, but wonder what is up, so I'll usually check their profile and see if they've posted any other information that may lead me to information on why they are sad.

I had noticed that the friend had some recent activity writing on others walls. I came to find that she had written a message on the wall of a friend who past away one year prior.

This got me thinking about how Facebook will leave a legacy behind for people to share memories with your other friends, remember the good times and share stories and leave you notes even when you're no longer here.  Think of it as a memory wall.

I think this is a great thing.  It's a rolling history of your thoughts, experiences, sharing of emotion and history of social ties to those that you interacted with while you were alive.  I find myself wishing that my Dad would have had a Facebook page.  He was such a loved man, had so many friends and interacted with so many people through his life.  He was very intelligent, extremely talented with his hands, and I'm sure that a Facebook page would have been a great way to capture a snapshot of just how great he was...

This also had me thinking about the vast amount of information that we're leaving about ourselves in internet footprints.  All I can hope is that future generations are able to maintain this information and learn from it.  We're in an age where we can share information faster and more effectively than ever before.  I think it's important for us to capture as much as we can and share it with the world.  Tell the world what you enjoy, take as many pictures as you can, share your memories of others, and enjoy the time while you have it.

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