Friday, February 05, 2010

Tool: Virus Removal

Virus removal on a personal PC can be a pretty involved, time consuming process.  I figured I would give you some links to some of my favorite programs to help clean up your PC.  All of these tools are free and the links I'm posting are current as of February 2010.  I'm going to be working on a friends computer over the weekend, so I've just grabbed all of the updated versions for myself.

Spyware Removal
SpyBot Search and Destroy - an old favorite, I'd run this at least once a month to make sure your home computer stays clean of any spyware that might have been loaded.

Malwarebytes - this tool is very handy for detecting and removing Malware.  I would suggest running this tool at least once per month.

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool - I've used this recently and have had good results for identifying and removing spyware / malware.

ZoneAlarm - there is still a free version of Zone Alarm, however it has much more advertising in it than the old, better version had.  This can make it a bit more frustrating to use, however it is better to have some protection rather than having none.

AVG Free - In my opinion, this is a great free anti-virus application.  Of course, you'll want to give this one access to update it's database daily so that if offers optimal protection.

General Cleanup
CCleaner - it stands for Crap Cleaner and that's just what it allows you to do; clean all the crap off your system!

Do you have favorite tools for keeping your computer clean? 

Leave a comment with information.

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