Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Solar Project #1 - Outdoor Lighting

You'll remember my post about renewable energy and how I'd like to use solar energy to accomplish a couple goals this year.  This post will begin the first project in my list of three projects for 2010.

As a reminder here are the goals of this project.

Order and install outdoor solar lighting to replace wired lighting on my shed.


Completion Date
March 1, 2010

I have ordered and received this lighting kit.  The cost for the kit was $39.99. My next step is to figure out where I would like to install these lights in my yard. I currently have outdoor lighting installed on my shed, however the wiring for these lights was not properly run and the line was cut when I decommissioned my septic tank back in 2007.

I'm looking to complete this project this weekend.  I'll post before and after pictures on this thread.

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