Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Self Publishing, Designs and other Creative Pursuits

This month has been a busy month for me.  I've been reading a lot and getting things organized in my mind and in my life. 

  • I've started to write my first book, a fictional story about just how dark a dark side of a love triangle can get, called "Hurt".
  • I've worked up my first t-shirt design and have two more in the oven, hopefully to be released for sale by the end of May.  I also hope to have the first musical influenced design under the name "Zic Apparel" released in May.
  • May will be the month for the first Chelsea Adobe User Group meeting and I'm planning on making it a big one, a CS5 launch event, that I will advertise the hell out of to drive membership to the new club.
  • I'm looking for new ways to get involved in my community.
  • The launch of "th!nkNadon" web consulting is well underway as well.  I just received my new business cards and I've been working on the website.  The plan is to offer full web design and business consulting in the focus of internet storefronts.

On top of those things, spring is in full effect around my place and I'm finding peace in sitting out on the deck and reading, surrounded by nature and knowing that I'm moving in the right direction.

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