Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Things Done

I'm starting to read this book again this weekend.  I've read it once before and it helped me with organization, setting goals, setting priority on those tasks, focusing on what was important to get done, and clearing my mind of worry and stress by ensuring that all things I needed to do are recorded and not floating around in my brain where they are sure to be forgotten.

Click on the book to get the reviews on, but I'd recommend that you check your local library if you want to save a few dollars and check out the book.  If you read it and enjoy it like I did, you may want to pick it up at to add it to your collection of reference material.  That's what I did... well - ok, I'm lying, I bought the book from Amazon first... see you can be smarter than I was... don't laugh.. that wouldn't be considered a major accomplishment.  LOL. 

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