Saturday, October 01, 2005

october is...

Conference Central!

I'll be making the drive up to Toronto next weekend (Oct. 8th) for DesignFest. Should be a great time, hope to see some of you there.

The weekend after that I'll be making my first trip to California for the annual Macromedia conference, affectionately known as Macromedia MAX.

This will be my fourth year in a row and second year as a User Group Manager.

This year's conference is in Anaheim, CA and I can't help but be a bit geeked about finally getting to California.

Hope to do a bit of sight seeing while I'm there....

Just for a bit of history:

2002 - DevCon 2002 happened in Orlando, FL. It was the first time I'd ever been to Florida, the trip was awesome and the highlight was when my co-worker took me to Daytona Beach so that I could see the ocean for the first time. New food: Oysters & Crab. Favorite Quote from the trip: "Heidi is my favorite month!" Who was on the trip with me: Matt Smith. Met some great people who I've managed to stay in touch with over the years. Other memorable moments: trying to beat up Scooby Doo for dissin' me at Universal Studios, staying up late drinking with the ladies from NASA, front row seats to Elvis Costello that almost cost me my life - thanks Matt

2003 - Macromedia MAX took place in Salt Lake City, UT. The extreme opposite from the previous year as far as weather goes, but it was just as great of a trip. Highlight: Passing my Flash MX Developer certification after partying all night. New food: Buffalo. Favorite Quote from the trip: "it's called Burt's Tiki Lounge?" Who was on the trip with me: Bryan Springer & Adrian Pittman.

2004 - Macromedia MAX took place in the deep south, New Orleans, LA. What a trip! I'll always remember this one, because I was crazy enough to drive down there! I seen quite a few places while passing through and took lots of pics. Highlight: Riverboat Cruise on the Mighty Mississippi. New food: Alligator. Favorite Quote from the trip: "i'm lost, can you help me get back to the hotel?" Who was on the trip with me: Bryan Springer & Adrian Pittman.

2005 - only time will tell.

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