Monday, April 18, 2005

Have you seen my Cheese?

Well - I walked in to work today excited about the opportunities that lie ahead of me... and then caught the glance of an email that chilled me to the bone. "Adobe to aquire Macromedia..."

Can this be true?

Yes - it is true, and all the blogging community has already blogged the heck out of it.

Is it a good thing? I believe it will be great for the server product line. I believe that Flash and Dreamweaver will flourish in the environment and I believe that Freehand and Fireworks may have something to worry about.

Adobe is really the expert when it comes to video - and that's been an area that Macromedia has been making great strides in. Adobe's focus has not been video for the web, where as MM's focus has been just that and great experiences for mobile computing and the internet in general. I think the merger of these two powerhouses will have them dominating the video market on the web and off.

The tight ties with Apple will also make it very interesting for developing true cross-platform integration and abilities.

All in all - I was shocked by the announcement - but as it settles in I'm anxious to see what will come next.

The Macromedia Community is so loyal that I'm sure this change won't affect much.

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