Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dynamic Banner

I was asked to create a dynamic flash banner for our corporate website a little while back by our Marketing department. They were looking for something similar to this:


They wanted to be able to put an undefined number of swf movies into a folder and have the Flash file automatically generate the navigation and play the files. I accomplished this by calling out to an ASP script - which retrieved a count of files in the directory and then passed it back to Flash to build the navigation.

Since the SWF files that would be played are always going to be named 1.swf, 2.swf, etc. - we ran into a caching issue in certain browsers. I ran across this great technote that shows how to stop the browsers from caching your swf files.

Stop caching of SWFs

I'll be posting my code for the banner once I get NADONweb up and running.

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