Wednesday, May 05, 2010

No longer a total newb!

Tonight I started playing around with my Nikon D50 and choosing the other photo settings on the camera, you know, the settings other than "Auto".  :)

This has been one of my goals this year.  It's a goal where I start to get to know how to use the camera to get different results based on lighting situations that I may come across when shooting photos.

Here is one of the photos I took while changing the shutter speed.  This was taken with a one second delay, giving the blur effect as the blades on the fan spun around.

I also worked on changing the exposure compensation, which I think could also help a bit to get a better shot out in the field.  It's the (+/-) on top of the D50 and can be set between +5.0 exposure compensation and -5.0.

Below are a couple of examples.  The first is with +2.0 setting.

The next is with -2.0 setting.

The last is with -1.0 exposure compensation setting.  I liked this option best.

I think by using this setting I was able to compensate for the additional light that was being cast on the subjects and get a better picture.

I have been following Ken Rockwell's guide to the D50.  I'll definitely be giving him a donation for the work he's done on his site as I've already found it very helpful as I try to learn more about the settings on the D50.

I'll do some more studying tomorrow evening and then get ready for practice this weekend.  I have a golf outing on Saturday and plan to hit the local hiking trails for some nature shots on Sunday.

Time to take the lens cap off!

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