Thursday, December 31, 2009

Latest Toy... extending the 3G love...

I decided to pick up a Linksys Broadband Router today at  This little thing will allow me to plug in my AT&T Broadband Wireless card and extend the love to other devices in my home that have been internet starved.

Once it arrives I'll let you know how the configuration and setup pans out as well as speed tests.  I'm in a very remote area, so wireless signals on my broadband card are not very great.

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Nadon said...

This arrived today, setup was very easy. Laptop is now working with the new router and I'm liking the ability to move around the house while the router stays in a place that gets the best signal. It has a feature that will disconnect from the broadband service after 60 minutes of inactivity and will reconnect on-demand when internet service is requested through a browser. So far so good... next up - adding the wireless PCI card to my desktop computer. I think I'll take care of that tomorrow.