Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Office 12 and XML Standards?!

There's a whole heap of stuff going on in the industry these days. Apple computers getting Intel chips, Adobe and Macromedia kissing, making up and proposing marriage.... and then I stumbled across an article about the next version of Microsoft Office that will use XML as the default standard for document formats.

You can read more about views on this here.

I love that MS is calling it "Microsoft Office XML Open Format"

I want my...
I want my...
I want my MOXOF please....

I'll be interested to see what other open formats they'll claim and then tack the M$ name on.

They'll probably start a new community - the Microsoft Open Source Community. Membership will only cost $129 and you'll get a *free* copy of XP!

Sarcastic comments aside, I am excited to see this happening as I'll be able to leverage content created with MS software much easier.

If you're interested in getting news regarding the next version of Office as it comes available, you can sign up here.

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