Friday, July 09, 2004

SysAdmin day - July 30, 2004

"The Sysadmin is a very special species of geek. The type of person that spends his or her day ensuring that *your* day at the office doesn't suck. Often mistreated by the suits and under appreciated by the folks they support, it's about time Sysadmins receive their own special appreciation day.

When is it?

Friday, July 30th!

What do you do?

Appreciate your sysadmin, lavish them with praise, monkeys, gifts, incense - whatever it takes to make them feel like the demi-gods they are. Are you a Sysadmin yourself? Then indulge in the sweet victory of your own day!

No, ThinkGeek didn't create this day, it's a legitimate appreciation day - go Google it! Keep reading to enter to win stuff and also get a free shirt this month at ThinkGeek as we send mad props to the Sysadmins of the world..."

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